Stress & Anxiety Relief Teas

2oz. Loose Tea: Acai Berry 2oz. Loose Tea: Chamomile
2oz. Loose Tea: Acai Berry2oz. Loose Tea: Chamomile
The sweet, fruity essence of Brazillian superfruit, acai berry, blends perfectly with blueberries, currants, hibiscus and antioxidant-rich white tea. Harvested only a few days each year, white tea contains a rare amino acid believed to naturally...

Using the finest chamomile flowers from the Nile Rive Valley in Egypt. Considered a remedy for all ills by the ancient Egyptians, this golden herb remains a modern favorite to promote calm & relieve anxiety. These fragrant chamomile blossoms...



2oz. Loose Tea: Chamomile Lavender 2oz. Loose Tea: Dan Cong Black
2oz. Loose Tea: Chamomile Lavender2oz. Loose Tea: Dan Cong Black
A trip to the spa in a cup, this soothing blend of aromatic Lavender and calming Chamomile will help to melt away the day. Naturally caffeine free. 1st Place Winner of 2008 World Tea Championship. Ingredients: Organic whole chamomile flowers and organic lavender flowers.The aroma has both flower and honey characteristics with a heavy pungent nectar quality. The taste is thick and pure with a sweet after-finish. Season: Spring 2019 Cultivar: Bai Ye Origin: Gaungdong Picking: Top Two Leaves Ingredients: Black Tea



2oz. Loose Tea: Dragon Well 2oz. Loose Tea: Goodbye Anxiety
2oz. Loose Tea: Dragon Well 2oz. Loose Tea: Goodbye Anxiety

Long Jing. Premium grade tea with smaller and more uniform leaves. Very pronounced "chestnut" aroma and taste that coats the mouth with that distinct "Dragon Well" flavor. 

Ingredients: Green Tea 

This herbal blend incorporates soul-soothing herbs for handling daily stress and emotional support. Softly minty and delicately floral with a bit of tanginess from hibiscus flowers, this blend is the perfect afternoon or evening retreat from your...



2oz. Loose Tea: Holy Basil 2oz. Loose Tea: Lavender Lemongrass
2oz. Loose Tea: Holy Basil2oz. Loose Tea: Lavender Lemongrass
Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi, is a traditional Aryuvedic herb used widely in India. Holy Basil is said to protect against and reduce stress, increase stamina and give a natural immunity boost. With a taste similar to clove, it is an everyday...Used as an ancient healing remedy, lemongrass helps detoxify the body, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, relieve pain and relax muscles and nerves. Lemon myrtle fights infection and reduce congestion, while lavender is believed to reduce...



2oz. Loose Tea: Meditative Mind 2oz. Loose Tea: Moonlight White
2oz. Loose Tea: Meditative Mind2oz. Loose Tea: Moonlight White

This blend of pure Chinese white tea, rosebuds & jasmine pearls creates an experience of aromatherapy that sharpens the mind & arouses the senses. The exotic floral scent of night-blooming jasmine is uplifting & soothing & is used...

Heavier white tea with bold flavor to match. This special tea (one leaf to one bud) is picked in Spring on a full moon. Leaves are air dried at night under the moonlight only, so very little withering. Golden yellow tea is thick &...



2oz. Loose Tea: Mushroom Hero 2oz. Loose Tea: Nighttime Stress Buster
2oz. Loose Tea: Mushroom Hero2oz. Loose Tea: Nighttime Stress Buster
Don your cape and prepare for this powerful blend of mushrooms, cocoa nibs and detoxifying roots. In East Asian herbal medicine traditions, reishi mushroom is known as a powerfuladaptogenic herb that alleviates stress and promotes vitality for...Nurture health and wellness by soothing your senses with this naturally calming blend of aromatic herbs, full of antioxidants and healthy minerals. Valerian root promotes rest and relaxation. While herbs, fruit and flower deliver dreamy...



2oz. Loose Tea: Peace Tea 2oz. Loose Tea: Rooibos
2oz. Loose Tea: Peace Tea2oz. Loose Tea: Rooibos

This is a gentle and calming nervine blend; a chance for reflection while providing an opportunity to imagine a peaceful world.

Rooibos, sometimes known as "red tea" is an herb that grows only in South Africa. This certified organic rooibos is slightly fruity and smooth with a mild, herbal texture. Very forgiving - won't over-steep. 

Ingredients: Rooibos 



2oz. Loose Tea: Spiced Chai Mate 2oz. Loose Tea: Stress Blocker
2oz. Loose Tea: Spiced Chai Mate2oz. Loose Tea: Stress Blocker
Swirling with cinnamon and spice, each sip of this aromatic tea will lift the spirit and inspire the mind. Yerba mate is said to improve mood, enhance mental clarity and aid in weight-loss. Ingredients: Yerba mate, cinnamon, ginger, lemongrass, caramom, and cloves

Ingredients: mistletoe, bean peels, St. John's wort, birch leaves, ginkgo leaves, nettle leaves, lemongrass, flavor



2oz. Loose Tea: Sweet Berry Dreams 2oz. Loose Tea: The Blues Tea
2oz. Loose Tea: Sweet Berry Dreams2oz. Loose Tea: The Blues Tea
A naturally caffeine-free blend of botanicals perfect for reducing stress and enhancing a peaceful night's sleep. Antioxidant-rich rooibos, blueberries and hibiscus give this tea a full-bodied berry flavor. Chamomile provides calming benefits....

Beat those down in the dumps feelings with this wonderful and great tasting infusion. Contains organic: nettle leaf, St. John's wort, Damiana leaf, spearmint, valerian root and stevia



2oz. Loose Tea: Yerba Maté
2oz. Loose Tea: Yerba Maté
Yerba Maté is an indigenous herb of the Amazon and popular throughout Latin America for its robust flavor. Organic Yerba Maté is a sustainable, shade grown product that Amazon tribes rely upon as an alternative source of income to...