2oz. Loose Tea: Bolder Breakfast Chocolate Mint Fusion
2oz. Loose Tea: Bolder Breakfast2oz. Loose Tea: Chocolate Mint Fusion

This new American black tea blend combines bold flavor, rich color, full body with hints of chocolate. It has a rich, dark liquor & a warm, well-rounded flavor that takes well to milk & a tea latte. High caffeine content & robust...

Put on earthy pu'erh leaf, it has great balance and minty clean finish.



2oz. Loose Tea: Chocolate Pu'erh 2oz. Loose Tea: Citrus Burst Pu'reh
2oz. Loose Tea: Chocolate Pu'erh2oz. Loose Tea: Citrus Burst Pu'reh

The smooth rich flavor of pu'erh is enhanced with the delicious taste of chocolate chips. Contains: Pu'erh tea, chocolate chips. 

Citrus Burst is a succulent combination of exotic citrus fruits blended in just the right measure to create a delicious cup of Pu'erh.



2oz. Loose Tea: Dandelion Detox 2oz. Loose Tea: Ginger Pu'erh
2oz. Loose Tea: Dandelion Detox2oz. Loose Tea: Ginger Pu'erh

A mash-up of traditional Chinese slimming teas and detox herb tea blends. In Chinese, these teas are said to "cut the grease" and help the body digest rich foods. Dandelion root is known to support detoxification, cinnamon energizes and a hint of...

Centuries ago, the ancient tea cultures of Yunnan and Southeast Asia brewed Pu-erh tea together with spices and citrus to create nourishing, stimulating tonics. Today, our Pu-erh Ginger pays tribute to this traditional tea recipe blended by Rishi...



2oz. Loose Tea: Hazelberry Pu'erh
2oz. Loose Tea: Hazelberry Pu'erh

The earthy smoothness of Pu'erh creates a warm foundation for the rich flavor of hazelnut & tangy-sweet strawberriespeek through the nutty opulence. A hint of cream adds a soft, dreamy note to the blend. Contains: Pu'erh tea, strawberries,...