2oz. Loose Tea: Ancient Pu'erh Tuo Cha 2oz. Loose Tea: Berry Slenderizing
2oz. Loose Tea: Ancient Pu'erh Tuo Cha2oz. Loose Tea: Berry Slenderizing
This pu'erh offers an impressively robust infusion that is credited to the unique blend of vintages ranging from 2-4 years in age. Its complex personality is revealed over multiple infusions: smooth while robust, a bit sweet and a bit savory,...Are you looking for a little boost to help eliminate bloat and stubborn fat? Blended with proven fat melting teas to give you an aid that pairs well with discipline and determination! Ingredients: Pu'erh Tea, Green Oolong Tea, Spearmint,...



2oz. Loose Tea: Bolder Breakfast 2oz. Loose Tea: Canadian Maple Chai
2oz. Loose Tea: Bolder Breakfast2oz. Loose Tea: Canadian Maple Chai
This new American black tea blend combines bold flavor, rich color, full body with hints of chocolate. It has a rich, dark liquor & a warm, well-rounded flavor that takes well to milk & a tea latte. High caffeine content & robust...

Earthy pu'erh makes the perfect base for our Maple Chai, as it doesn't overpower or ruin the naturally sweet maple goodness. Add 100% pure Canadian maple syrup to your infusion after brewing for the full Canadian experience! Ingredients: Yunnan...



Chocolate Mint Fusion 2oz. Loose Tea: Chocolate Orange
2oz. Loose Tea: Chocolate Mint Fusion2oz. Loose Tea: Chocolate Orange
This chocolate and mint blend is delectable. Put on earthy pu'erh leaf, it has great balance and minty clean finish. Contains caffeine. Ingredients: Pu'erh, dark chocolate curls,(cocoa mass, sugar, coca butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla), natural & artificial flavor, spearmint, peppermint

Rich chocolate & sweet orange bring a confectionary note to teh gentle earthiness of pu'erh. Lively citrus lifts the blend while the warm chocolate & easygoing pu'erh are grounding and smooth. Reminiscent of a favorite treat. Ingredients:...



2oz. Loose Tea: Chocolate Pu'erh 2oz. Loose Tea: Citrus Burst Pu'reh
2oz. Loose Tea: Chocolate Pu'erh2oz. Loose Tea: Citrus Burst Pu'reh

The smooth rich flavor of pu'erh is enhanced with the delicious taste of chocolate chips. Contains: Pu'erh tea, chocolate chips. 

A succulent combination of exotic citrus fruits blended in just the right measure create a fun, delicious cup of Pu’erh that is perfectly suited to serve hot or iced. Crisp, bright citrus notes are sweet and tart and are derived from all...



2oz. Loose Tea: Dandelion Detox 2oz. Loose Tea: Fat Burner
2oz. Loose Tea: Dandelion Detox2oz. Loose Tea: Fat Burner

A mash-up of traditional Chinese slimming teas and detox herb tea blends. In Chinese, these teas are said to "cut the grease" and help the body digest rich foods. Dandelion root is known to support detoxification, cinnamon energizes and a hint of...

This tea was created especially for those who wish to cut body fat! It includes a blend of teas to cut fat naturally, making it a fantastic weight loss blend, helping overcome sugar cravings and also beneficial for lowering levels of cholesterol...



2oz. Loose Tea: Ginger Pu'erh 2oz. Loose Tea: Hazelberry Pu'erh
2oz. Loose Tea: Ginger Pu'erh2oz. Loose Tea: Hazelberry Pu'erh
Centuries ago, the ancient tea cultures of Yunnan and Southeast Asia brewed fermented pu-erh tea together with spices and citrus to create nourishing, stimulating tonics. Today, our Pu'er Ginger pays tribute to this traditional tea recipe. We...The earthy smoothness of Pu'erh creates a warm foundation for the rich flavor of hazelnut & tangy-sweet strawberriespeek through the nutty opulence. A hint of cream adds a soft, dreamy note to the blend. Contains: Pu'erh tea, strawberries,...



2oz. Loose Tea: Healthy Edge 2oz. Loose Tea: I Can't Believe It's Not Coffee
2oz. Loose Tea: Healthy Edge2oz. Loose Tea: I Can't Believe It's Not Coffee
With pu'erh tea as the base, and some of the healthiest herbs around, this tea can help you not only lose weight, but also have an impeccable immune system, clear skin and feel your best. Ingredients: Pu'erh tea, oolong tea, red rooibos, green...

Coffee people & tea people - it's time to put our differences aside and come together to make something even better! It has the richness of the dark, fermented pu'erh tea and flavors like a strong mocha, plus bits of cocoa. It's sure to make...



2oz. Loose Tea: Pistachio Cream 2oz. Loose Tea: Pu'erh Dante
2oz. Loose Tea: Pistachio Cream2oz. Loose Tea: Pu'erh Dante
The star of this blend is the beloved pistachio nut, inspired by Italian pistachio cream. Earthy aged pu'erh is specially blended with sweet pistachio and pure rose petals, for a sophisticated tea taste. Ingredients: Pu'erh Tea, Pistachio, Natural Flavoring & Rose PetalsThis pu'erh gives a clean, damp forest aroma, dried mushrooms, leather and earth. Some sweetness of figs or dates and a slight creamy flavor. Mellow & grounding. Pu'erh is extremely versatile - you can steep it for as little as 30 seconds or...



2oz. Loose Tea: Pu'erh Pearls 2oz. Loose Tea: Vanilla Mint Chai
2oz. Loose Tea: Pu'erh Pearls2oz. Loose Tea: Vanilla Mint Chai
Compressed fermented five year old shou style pu'erh leaves are wonderfully earthy, smooth and comforting. They take second and even third infusions well, as they slowly open up or you can pop one in your tea traveler for a day of smooth, earthy sips. Ingredients: Pu'erh TeaLuxuriously textured and inviting, Vanilla Mint Chai combines the sweetness grade of Saigon cinnamon, rich cocoa and aromatic peppermint with bold pu'erh tea. Accents of silken vanilla bean transforms this chai into a sublime, heady cup....