Life Stings Natural Bug Repellent 3oz

Life Stings Natural Bug Repellent 3oz
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Safe effective bug repellent in a soothing organic lotion. 3 oz. bottle. 

Finally, a bug repellent free from stinky, sticky and DEET! Lifestings® keeps you safe from bug bites without all the dangerous chemical toxins, while it heals your sun-dried skin.  Apply our lifestings safe effective bug repellent lotion immediately after showering for all day bug protection — reapply as needed.

  • Organic catnip oil (nepeta cataria) powers our lifestings formulation. Scientifically proven to be 10x more powerful than DEET*. Say good-bye to neurotoxins.
  • Companioned with other heavy hitters in the plant kingdom, our lifestings bug repellent smells scent-sational. Say good-bye to the stench of chemical repellents.
  • Unlike topical alcohol sprays, our lifestings is delivered in a soothing summer weight organic skin lotion. Jam- packed with skin nourishment from shea butter, jojoba and other super emollient ingredients.  Say good-bye to sun parched skin and sticky bug sprays forever. 

In creating lifestings, we’ve tackled the worry, stink and stickiness of commercial products and won. By combining organic catnip oil* with other hardworking botanicals, we have created a mix so minty fresh you will hardly remember you are wearing a bug repellent. To top off a really wonderful experience, we have delivered our solution to summer bites in a silky lotion to nourish and heal your sun-dried skin.

But don’t let a summery scent and silky skin fool you.  Lifestings is a powerhouse that you will want in your tool kit for gardening, camping and all the outdoor joys of summer. So grab some lifestings to throw in your picnic baskets and beach totes – it’s a new summer essential. 

Enjoy summer and get outdoors! Lifestings has come to the rescue. 

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