Holiday & Winter Favorites

2oz. Loose Tea: Almond Coconut Black - Snowflake 2oz. Loose Tea: Almond Cookies
2oz. Loose Tea: Almond Coconut Black - Snowflake2oz. Loose Tea: Almond Cookies

Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea, Coconut Rasps, Flavor & Almond Flakes

Ingredients: green tea China Sencha, coconut rasps, almond flakes, flavor



2oz. Loose Tea: Butterscotch Candy 2oz. Loose Tea: Candy Cane
2oz. Loose Tea: Butterscotch Candy2oz. Loose Tea: Candy Cane
If you have a sweet tooth, this is the tea for you. Sweet, buttery and whimsical flavors are infused into this dessert tea and rounded off with hints of apple, cocoa nibs and marigold. A delightful way to satisfy those sweet cravings....

Premium black tea from Sri Lanka flavored with minty candy canes. This wonderfully smooth treat that will fill you with warm Christmas spirit and leave you jolly. Santa knows if you've been naughty or nice, so you'd better buy some for a friend,...



2oz. Loose Tea: Champagne & Berries 2oz. Loose Tea: Chestnut
2oz. Loose Tea: Champagne & Berries2oz. Loose Tea: Chestnut
Sencha green tea is fused with Acia, Goji, Strawberry, and natural champagne flavor creating a beneficial, bold new blend. Intense aroma and flavor defines this pleasing, sophisticated cup. Ingredients: green tea, strawberry pieces, goji berry pieces, natural flavor and acia berry powder.Premium black tea from Sri Lanka flavored with the taste of chestnuts. A spicy treat, delectable both hot and cold. If you have yet to try gourmet chestnut tea, you'll be pleasantly surprised by its superior taste. Ingrediets: Black tea and natural chestnut flavor.



Cinnamon Plum Tea 2oz. Loose Tea: Cocoa Mint
2oz. Loose Tea: Cinnamon Plum2oz. Loose Tea: Cocoa Mint

This 2009 World Tea Champion is rich with currants, succulent hibiscus, hints of plum and accented with notes of cinnamon and naturally sweet licorice root. Warm and soothing, Organic Cinnamon Plum is deliciously fruity and full-bodied with a...

Sumptuous cocoa and sweet cooling peppermint combined in perfect seasonal harmony. 

Contains: Organic cocoa shells, peppermint, cinnamon, cocoa nibs, cloves & natural chocolate flavor. 



2oz. Loose Tea: Cold & Flu Brew 2oz. Loose Tea: Gingersnap Cookie
2oz. Loose Tea: Cold & Flu Brew2oz. Loose Tea: Gingersnap Cookie

Contains: Ginger, anise, peppermint, yarrow, elderflowers, rosehips

Ingredients: rooibos, candied pineapple bits (pineapple, sugar), candied mango bits (mango, sugar), candied papaya bits (papaya, sugar), roasted almonds, coconut chips (coconut, coconut fat, sugar), flavor, walnut bits, peanut bits, hazelnut bits



2oz. Loose Tea: Mexican Guava Chili - Mexican Winter 2oz. Loose Tea: Mystic Mint
2oz. Loose Tea: Mexican Guava Chili - Mexican Winter2oz. Loose Tea: Mystic Mint

Ingredients: rooibos, orange peels, cinnamon, coconut rasps, chili bits, flavor, pink pepper

This deeply soothing blend uses a simple set of ingredients, honoring their inherent complexity for an uplifting cup that refreshes both mind and palate. Bright peppermint and fragrant cardamom are balanced with sweet licorice root and wondrously...



2oz. Loose Tea: Peace Tea 2oz. Loose Tea: Peppermint
2oz. Loose Tea: Peace Tea2oz. Loose Tea: Peppermint

This is a gentle and calming nervine blend; a chance for reflection while providing an opportunity to imagine a peaceful world.

A native of the Mediterranean, peppermint leaves were often used to crown luminaries in ancient Greece and Rome. It continues to be revered for its cooling, crisp aroma, deeply refreshing flavor and smooth finish. If you have yet to try gourmet...



2oz. Loose Tea: Spice Cake 2oz. Loose Tea: Spice of Cedarburg
2oz. Loose Tea: Spice Cake2oz. Loose Tea: Spice of Cedarburg
Reminiscent of a homemade bundt cake fresh from the oven, this comforting cup blends an aromatic black tea with soft vanilla, creamy almond and warm spice. One sip from this steaming cup of tea completes the perfect cup. Ingredients: Black Tea,...Take a stroll through festive Cedarburg and breathe in the smells of the season! This tea is a zingy combination of sweet apricot with an intriguing cinnamon twist. Great on a crisp night! Ingredients: Green Tea, Cinnamon Bits, Cinnamon-Sugar...



2oz. Loose Tea: Stress Blocker 2oz. Loose Tea: Sweet Christmas
2oz. Loose Tea: Stress Blocker2oz. Loose Tea: Sweet Christmas

Ingredients: mistletoe, bean peels, St. John's wort, birch leaves, ginkgo leaves, nettle leaves, lemongrass, flavor

This tea inspires images of twinkling lights and cozy fires on the night before Christmas. Don't forget to leave out a cup of Santa's favorite brew! Contains: Rooibos, pineapple pieces, papaya pieces, Apple pieces, orange peels, flavor, cinnamon & rosebuds. Caffeine Free



2oz. Loose Tea: The Night Before Christmas 2oz. Loose Tea: Tulsi Cold Buster
2oz. Loose Tea: The Night Before Christmas2oz. Loose Tea: Tulsi Cold Buster

This tea inspires images of twinkling lights and stockings hung by the fire on the night before Christmas. Enjoy the sweet and spicy mix of fruit and cinnamon and let the rooibos calm you during this busy time of year! Ingredients: Rooibos,...

Based on a natural cold cure from Europe, packed with healthy constituents to help warm and fortify you from inside. High in Vitamin C, with lemon and orange peel, hibiscus and rose hips, herbs & Tulsi to soothe cold symptoms and control...



2oz. Loose Tea: Walnut Green 2oz. Loose Tea: White Chai - White Christmas Chai
2oz. Loose Tea: Walnut Green2oz. Loose Tea: White Chai - White Christmas Chai

Nutty, velvety coconut, slightly sweet, and an easy-to-love green tea blend. 

Ingredients: green tea China Sencha, brittle bits (sugar, hazelnuts), candied pineapple bits (pineapple, sugar), coconut rasps, walnut bits, flavor, almond flakes

White tea with spices and fruit for a sweet, complex cup and lingering pepper notes. Ingredients: Ginger root, lemongrass, cinnamon bark, white tea, pineapple pieces, cloves, dried coconut, cardamom, red peppercorns, apple pieces & natural flavors.



2oz. Loose Tea: White Chocolate Mint Oolong 2oz. Loose Tea: Yuletide Toddy
2oz. Loose Tea: White Chocolate Mint Oolong2oz. Loose Tea: Yuletide Toddy

Traditional oolong tea is complimented by decadent white chocolate and smooth peppermint to make a delicious pleasurable cup of tea. Contains: Oolong Tea, white chocolate pieces, peppermint leaf. 

This herbal blend is a lovely duet of classic holiday flavors (cranberry and orange) with the added sparkle of cinnamon spice. Bright and festive, tangy yet sweet. For a tea-infused Toddy that's sure to keep you warm on chilly winter days steep...