Blue Teas

2oz. Loose Tea: Blue Chai Potion 2oz. Loose Tea: Tropical Blue
2oz. Loose Tea: Blue Chai Potion2oz. Loose Tea: Tropical Blue

A mesmerizing crystal blue hue tea that has an anise like aroma & amazing health benefits like lowering blood pressure, protecting the repiratory system, improving digestion, fighting inflammation, supporting brain & heart health....

Get the little paper umbrellas ready, this tea is going to be your new favorite iced tea! Kick back and relax with this tropical tea blended with lemongrass, beautiful blue butterfly pea flower, essence of mango & exotic lychee. Add a squirt...



2oz. Loose Tea: Magic Blue Butterfly
2oz. Loose Tea: Magic Blue Butterfly

A blend of lively fruit flavors with a touch of vanilla. Blue pea flowers are packed with antioxidants and are said to improve brain function. Naturally a mesmerizing hue of blue, add a couple drops of lemon and watch it turn bright purple right...